Monday, January 17, 2011

And yet another vessel...

This little guy was created using bronze metal clay.  I just love that forgiving, so many possibilities!  After stamping the design into the flat sheet of clay, I formed the tube shape, fitted it to the bottom piece, and allowed it to dry.  Once dry, I drilled holes on the sides and fired it in my kiln.  Out came a gorgeous, golden-bronze vessel, all ready to receive any manner of treasured bits and pieces.  I had in my bead stash these lovely, multi-colored sapphires, which I rosary wrapped to support the vessel.


  1. Gorgeous piece, I'm loving the PMC pieces I've seen lately. I'm still trying to master what we learned in Stephanie's class.

  2. Thanks Jackie! I love's so versatile! I'm now working on designs combining PMC pieces with what we've learned in Stephanie's class, and I'm very excited! Do you have new pics posted of your work anywhere? I'd love to see them!