Sunday, January 2, 2011

And so the new year begins...

So who begins the new year with the same resolutions each time (I'm raising my hand): lose weight, exercise more, eat better, manage money better, etc., blah blah blah...?  This year, I've decided to begin a little differently.  Instead of mercilessly prodding myself toward the same goals (which I seem to utterly fail at after a month or two and then feel disappointed), I've decided to look at my progress from the previous year and build on that.  Progress, not perfection.   I'd like to be a better friend, have more patience (with myself and others), sell more of my work, and love who I am, even if that changes moment by moment.  I will remind myself that I hold the seeds for a fresh start.

I'd love to hear your goals for the coming year!


  1. Hi Tamra! It's been awhile, Happy New Year to you! I also just recently got back to my blog. The previous post was June 2009! Yours looks beautiful. I started the blog to let people know what was happening as I was going through therapy. So many had concern and inquired as to what was happening it was the easiest way to let everyone know without calling or mass emailing everyone. Secondly and more selfishly it was a way to get through it, deal with feelings, fears and cope. It accomplished all of those things. I like what you say when you say that you are looking at progress not prefection. I said pretty much the same thing! Lord knows I will fall, and have, I'm looking to just do better. I wish you a new year filled with much love and lots of laughter, I look forward to following your progress. Namaste :)

  2. Hello Tana! So nice to hear from you! I remember your blog, and I thought it was a wonderful idea for you. I hope you are happy and well, and this new year brings you much prosperity, joy and vibrant health! xoxo